Outdoor & Indoor US Nylon Flags


Our main line of US flags feature

• Heavy weight durable nylon fabric
• Water Repellant and quick drying qualities
• Embroidered Stars
• Individually sewn stripes
• Long lasting color retention
• Solid brass #2 grommets (8’ x 12’ and larger feature nylon rope and galvanized thimbles for added strength)
Available in the following sizes
2’ x 3’ 6’ x 10’ 15’ x 25’
3’ x 5’ 8’ x 12’ 20’ x 30’
4’ x 6’ 10’x 15’
5’ x 8’ 12’ x 18’

Indoor Flag Stand Sets

Our indoor flag stand sets feature
• Our regular heavy weight nylon flags
• Beautiful gold fringe
• Polished two piece oak finish pole with brass screw joint
• Pole Ornament –Eagle, Spear or special tip
• Gold Finish Base

Outdoor Pole Equipment

We also carry:
•Outdoor poles for house Fronts and doorways
5’ x 1” wood or 6’ x 1” aluminum poles

• Anti wrap sleeves and clips for all types of flags

• White Cast aluminum multi-position mounting brackets

• Stamped steel, metal pole brackets
Call or contact us to place an order for our flag products. Most products are available for immediate pick up.
Please call first to confirm availability.